Glycomics is rapidly emerging field in high-throughput biology that aims to systematically study glycan structures of a given protein, cell type or organic system. As within other high-throughput methods in biology (microarrays, metabolomics, proteomics), accuracy of high-throughput methods is highly affected by complicated experimental procedures leading to differences between replicates and the existence of batch effects, among others.

This package tries to fill the gap in N-glycan data analysis by providing easy to use functions for glycomics analysis. At the moment it is mostly oriented to data obtained by UPLC and LCMS analysis of Plasma and IgG glycome.

For a broader introduction take a look at “Introduction” vignette.

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The package can be installed for example with devtools package.


Load the devtools package.


Install the package.

install_github('iugrina/glycanr', build_vignette=TRUE)