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Convert character vectors between phonetic representations. Supports IPA, X-SAMPA and ARPABET (used by the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary).


You can install the development version of ipa from GitHub with:



My main use case for ipa is including phonetic representations in R markdown files. You can enter phonetic information as plain-text X-SAMPA and have it rendered as IPA.

`r sampa('/aI pi: "eI/')`

/aɪ piː ˈeɪ/

`r sampa(c('/"nom.b4e/', '/nO~bR/'))`

/ˈnom.bɾe/, /nɔ̃bʁ/

You can also get the X-SAMPA representation of IPA strings.

ipa("/aɪ piː ˈeɪ/")

/aI pi: "eI/

ipa(c("/ˈnom.bɾe/", "/nɔ̃bʁ/"))

/nom.b4e/, /nO~bR/

ARPABET support allows ipa to automatically convert results from the phon package.

# remotes::install_github("coolbutuseless/phon")


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