metrica 2.0.1

This new version fixes minor bugs found in v2.0.0:

  1. regression lines with “OP” orientation in scatter_plot(), density_plot(), and tiles_plot(), which were producing the “PO” oriented regression lines instead.

  2. estimation of “d1r” index for regression, which produced misleading values due to a typo in the denominator.

  3. printing metrics on confusion matrix, which produced a NaN when printing 9 metrics.

metrica 2.0.0

This new version of metrica includes:

  1. Twenty-seven (27) additional functions to evaluate quality of predictions for classification problems:
  1. Three (3) additional functions to the family of regression performance metrics:
  1. Update of the metrics_summary() function including:
  1. One (1) additional plotting function for regression:
  1. Fixing issue with the tiles_plot() not plotting hexagons. Changed ggplot2::geom_hex() by ggplot2::stat_bin2d

  2. Seventeen (17) additional arguments to customize scatter_plot, tiles_plot, and density_plot:

  1. Adding the argument tidy to all metrics functions, which allows to control the user the type of return (tidy=TRUE returns a data.frame, tidy = FALSE returns a list)

  2. Fixing a minor a bug on the NSE() function to estimate the Nash-Sutcliffe model efficiency that produced only values of NSE=1.00 on v1.2.3.

  3. Improved coverage of the code testing.

  4. README update with new features descriptions and links to vignettes.

  5. Updated vignettes creating independent versions for classification and regression models, and for importing APSIM files.

metrica 1.2.3

Maintenance update fixing minor errors after feedback from CRAN submission of v1.2.2 (e.g. use ‘donttest’ instead of ‘dontrun’ in functions’ examples, adding references into functions). Also, the available metrics vignette was updated adding the corresponding citations of formulae used into functions.

metrica 1.2.2

Maintenance update fixing minor bugs related to checks before CRAN submission (e.g. spelling check, URLs, DOIs, etc.)

metrica 1.2.1

Minor updates (1.2.1):

Update of function and arguments’ names replacing “.” by “_“:

Old | New import.apsim.out | import_apsim_out import.apsim.db | import_apsim_db metrics.summary | metrics_summary scatter.plot | scatter_plot tiles.plot | tiles_plot bland.altman.plot | bland_altman_plot B0.sma | B0_sma B1.sma | B1_sma metrics.list | metrics_list print.metrics | print_metrics

New features (1.2.0)

Data: a new (Optional) arg. called “data” is included for all functions, which serves to call an existing data frame containing the predicted-observed data. This facilitates passing the functions to multiple and nested data frames at once using mapping functions.

APSIM: includes two new functions to read APSIM output files from APSIM Classic [“*.out”, import.apsim.out()] and APSIM NextGen [“*.db”, import.apsim.db()].