Mica Data Access Request API

Yannick Marcon


Mica provides some web services for handling the data access request (DAR) workflow. The Mica R package exposes data access requests related functions that may be used for reporting:

Setup the connection with Mica, login with a user having permission to administrate data access requests:

m <- mica.login(username="administrator", password="password", url="https://mica-demo.obiba.org")

Get the DAR form that describes the data model:


Get the list of all the data access requests, one column per field:


Or only a single one:

mica.dar(m, "390463")

Get the history of changes of a DAR:

mica.dar.history(m, "390463")

Get the amendments of a DAR:

mica.dar.amendments(m, "390463")

Good practice is to free server resources by sending a logout request: