Data Dictionary - PFR Passing

field data_type description
player character Player name
team character Player team
pfr_id character PFR player ID
pass_attempts numeric Pass attempts
batted_balls numeric Batted balls
throwaways numeric Throwaways
spikes numeric Spikes
drops numeric Throws dropped
drop_pct numeric Percent of throws dropped
bad_throws numeric Bad throws
bad_throw_pct numeric Percent of throws that were bad
on_tgt_throws numeric On target throws
on_tgt_pct numeric Percent of throws on target
season numeric Season
pocket_time numeric Average time in pocket
times_blitzed numeric Number of times blitzed
times_hurried numeric Number of times hurried
times_hit numeric Number of times hit
times_pressured numeric Number of times pressured
pressure_pct numeric Percent of the time pressured
rpo_plays numeric Number of RPO plays
rpo_yards numeric Yards on RPOs
rpo_pass_att numeric Number of pass attempts on RPOs
rpo_pass_yards numeric Passing yards on RPOs
rpo_rush_att numeric Rush attempts on RPOs
rpo_rush_yards numeric Rushing yards on RPOs
pa_pass_att numeric Play action pass attempts
pa_pass_yards numeric Play action passing yards