pbdSLAP provides scalable linear algebra packages including BLACS, PBLAS, and ScaLAPACK via pbdMPI based on ScaLAPACK version 2.0.2.


pbdSLAP requires

For installing pbdSLAP,

More information about pbdSLAP can be found in

  1. pbdSLAP vignette at pbdSLAP/inst/doc/pbdSLAP-guide.pdf.
  2. https://pbdr.org/


pbdSLAP is authored and maintained by the pbdR core team: * Wei-Chen Chen * Drew Schmidt * George Ostrouchov * Pragneshkumar Patel

With additional contributions from: * Brian Ripley (Solaris & Mac)

For copyrights on the shipped ScaLAPACK code, see pbdSLAP/inst/ScaLAPACK_LICENSE.txt.