r2Symbols R package : Direct insertion of over 1000 HTML symbol entities in Rmarkdown, Quarto and Shiny Applications

Official website: https://r2symbols.obi.obianom.com

Other packages required for r2symbols: https://depends.rpkg.net/package/r2symbols

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Get started with how to use: Click here TUTORIAL 1 or TUTORIAL 2


Quick example in R

First, install and load…

```{r eval=F} install.packages(“r2symbols”)


## Added in the new version

One line code to transform entire document

```{r eval=F}
# library call and setting at the top the document

trans.r2symbols(font.color="green",font.weight = "bold",font.size = 30)

# within the text, add symbols

sample `alpha` text and `34` sample `u` text

v 0.1 features are still available

#load library

#apply global settings
symbol.setting(font.size=40,font.weight ="normal",font.color = "purple")

#start including in texts

sym("naira","yen",font.size=30,font.weight ="bold",font.color = "red")



# you could use within the text without needing to declare trans.r2symbols()

sample `r symbol(23)` text and `r symbol('alpha')` sample `r sym('trademark')` text

Now published on CRAN and also available here in github

View information about this at https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/r2symbols

A complete chart for the list of symbols and their corresponding identifiers

For a complete list of all the symbols and codes, please go to this link. Thank you. - https://r2symbols.obi.obianom.com/symbols